To apply, please read the following rules and regulations carefully . Thank You

  1. An open call for nominations for the various categories would be put out for a period of 6 weeks.
  2. We reserve the right to move an entry to a different category from the category entered if the entry is better suited to that category.
  3. All nominations must be submitted using the Online Nominating Process. Nominations and supporting materials must be received not later than 24th April, 2023.
  4. All Entries should be accompanied by a high-resolution colour photograph of the individual nominated. These files can be emailed to
  5. Each category would consist of not more than 5 finalists
  6. Nominations may be made by any persons or groups who have considerable knowledge of the individual or institution and can attest to their qualification for such award.
  7. Winners will NOT be notified prior to the African Youth SDG Awards event; however all nominations must be accompanied by the name of the person who will be accepting the award if the nominee is chosen as the winner. All covid-19 protocols will be observe.
  8. Each winner is expected to accept their award on stage at the awards ceremony on 16 June, 2023 or nominate someone to take the awards on their behalf.
  9. It should be assumed and noted that all events will be filmed for distribution and promotion purposes. By attending any of our events, you acknowledge awareness of this statement and release AKO Foundation, its owner, operators, officers, and duly designated representatives operating in either an official or unofficial capacity free from any liability regarding your image, including use and distribution.
  10. All entries become the permanent property of the Youth SDG Achievers Award organizers. Entrants may be contacted occasionally by the organizers via email, unless the entrant notifies the organizers otherwise, for the purpose of informing the entrant of promotional opportunities and follow ups on nominee’s entries.
  11. At any point in the Contest, an entrant may be disqualified at the discretion of the Award Committee if the entrant is unable to meet the requirements in a timely manner. This may include being unavailable for interviews or fact checking. Entrants may also be disqualified or Award will be retrieved if it is determined that the nomination form misrepresents the entrant’s achievements in any way.